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If you are new to online marketing or interested in a new website, I can help you create a proven marketing strategy that will help your business obtain increased traffic results and get leads over your competitors.

If you are starter-up company or a small to mid-size business, Denver Web Guy can provide effective web design and marketing solutions you need. Let’s discuss your current business status and goals. Consulting businesses on various marketing strategies tailored to your business type, is what I do. I provide professional and affordable services to assist your business growth.

As being a Denver based business, my goal is to build lasting and trusted business relationships. As technology changes, I can help you stay on top with latest trends and effective ways to get new clients.

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business marketing during covid

I was recently asked about my experience with business marketing during covid. In the first month or two of covid, Denver Web Guy LLC had potential and current clients get really nervous about their marketing budget, income, and business status. They were hesitant to advertise and or deciding to cut back for a while. My business slowed down for about a month and I started to wonder how this was going to affect me, in the long run. Shortly after, local businesses wanted...

social media using onlywire services

Social Media Services with ONLYWIRE

(The YOUTUBE video below is a GREAT introduction of what ONLYWIRE is and what it does.) ONLYWIRE is a SMART Social Media Service Tool. Social Media Services with ONLYWIRE is a GREAT way to boost your website exposure effortlessly AFTER the account is FULLY configured. Once set up, we can syndicate links and important information from your website. For the BEST SOCIAL MEDIA RESULTS, you will want to make sure the most important service pages and blog posts are FULLY SEARCH...

facebook for business

How do I create a Facebook Business page?

Having a Facebook Business page is extremely important. You must have a personal account created already or have a representative that has a personal Facebook page create your business page for you. But, my opinion is.. I do not recommended. It is always best for a business owner to have full access of all social marketing accounts. What is a Facebook business page used for? Pages are for businesses, brands and organizations to share their stories and connect with people. Like profiles,...