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Search Engine Optimization

affordable local seo marketingThe search engine industry is an ever-changing entity that is constantly updating its algorithms to provide quicker and more relevant searches. With the exception of the search engine companies, no one has complete and total control over the outcome of website positions. Therefore, no Web Design or SEO company should claim it. It is irresponsible to guarantee exact positions, top positions or time to inclusion for any keyword terms.

Denver Web Guy will do our best to accomplish the goal of getting our clients to the 1st page listings in all the major engines by a certain timeframe. Website optimization specialist that is assigned to you will provide various optimization and search engine promotion to help attain increased website traffic and top search engine positions.

Web Site Promotion and Search Engine Registration

If you are interested in SEO services, please use our contact form to give information about your business and goals. We will have a SEO consultant schedule a time with you to discuss options.

Each search engine (regardless of whether it is a spider or a directory) uses unique criteria for “ranking” websites.

Online Directories

Search Engine Directories rely on humans to gauge web page relevancy and directory placement. Human editors review each website and list them according to a set of guidelines such as website content, website functionality, and design professionalism. Yahoo! and the Open Directory Project, DMOZ are the most popular Online Directories.

Search Engines (Spiders / Crawlers / Robots)

Spider driven search engines use “robots” to spider websites across the Internet. Robots “crawl” each website and “score” pages based on relevancy. Some engines score the index page while others score all individual web pages. A website’s score or placement within a spider driven search engine is derived from hundreds of variables such as, link popularity, click popularity, keyword density, website themes and more.

Earning Top 10 Search Engine Placement is complex and highly competitive for three reasons:

  1. The variety and complexity of search engine’s “ranking” algorithms
  2. Search Engines constantly modify “page ranking criterions”
  3. Increasing competition on the web

Included with all Internet Marketing – Website Optimization Packages

  • Industry/Keyword Research
  • Optimization of Targeted Landing Pages
  • Coordinate Optimization Strategy
  • KEI Competition Analysis for Keyword Phrases
  • Link Verification
  • Optimized Content Creation
  • Monthly Manual Update to Optimized Content
  • Cross-links throughout Web Site
  • Optimized Navigational Structure
  • Homepage Optimization
  • Site Submission
  • Detailed Ranking Report
  • Personalized Report Analysis and Monitoring

Don’t Be Fooled!

Many products or services claim to submit you to 100’s or even 1000’s of sites. What they don’t tell you is that most of those sites have no other purpose than to collect e-mail addresses from Web marketers so they can flood your inbox with spam mail.

It’s the top engines for each country that generates over 95% of the search engine traffic. Therefore, the KEY to gaining traffic to your site is not how many no-name engines you submit to, but having the best tools possible for achieving high rankings in the major engines. This what we are trying to achieve for you.